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The Complete Guide to the Origins, History, and Evolution of the Khussa

If you’re from the subcontinent, you’ve seen or worn a pair of khussa. Traditional wedding shoes are starting to become popular in the subcontinent and other parts of the world. While they may look a bit strange to those who aren’t used to them, they’re very comfortable and stylish. If you’re thinking about getting a pair for yourself, here’s some more information.

What is a Khussa?Origin of the Word “Khussa” & How it Spread Across Sub-Continent?

The modern mojari or khussa, also called mojari, evolved from the original mojari worn for centuries. In the beginning, they were essential shoes made of wood which China could have influenced. However, they were uncomfortable and were not practical for the cold winter months. When leather was readily available in the later years, people started making shoes using it. The first time wore it. It was by people of all ages.

The 17th century was when Mughal the king Jahangir first introduced the more elaborate version. Being the beloved spouse of Emperor Jahangir, “Nur Jahan” was the creator of Khussa and identified the shoes as ‘Saleem Shahi’. Soon, it was associated with Nawabs, Rajas, Nawabs, and many others. In the future, when introduced the synthetic thread. It was more affordable and was worn by people of all classes.

Khussay goes with everything, be it a traditional dress or western attire. A khussa is a very versatile shoe. Khussa portrays the rich culture of Pakistan. The craft of making and decorating these shoes involves a lot of intricate work. It is not surprising then that they are regarded as a symbol of the region’s craftsmanship and continue to be one of the biggest exports from Pakistan. Khussa is footwear primarily associated with the people inhabiting South Asia, particularly those living in Pakistan. The word khussa can mean “a type of shoe”. However, there are many different types and designs of khussa worn in various regions across South Asia. Khussa typically comprises a single piece sole sewn on to upper fabric called khamma or chappal. The structure keeps them firmly on their feet, even when running or jumping. Handmade Pakistani khussa is made of a single piece sole and upper fabric. The shoes are usually decorated on the upper and lower surface at the front or back with intricate stitching and patterns. Khussa is worn in Pakistan by all genders in all seasons, and the wedding season is the best.

Why You Should Buy Asian Shoes Over Western Ones

Nothing is more important than ensuring that you look your best when it comes to wedding functions. And what better way to do that than by wearing a pair of designer khussa shoes? Shahmeer Khan offers a wide range of stylish and exquisite khussa shoes perfect for any wedding or other special occasion.

With intricate embroidery work and beautiful gemstones, our khussa shoes are one of a kind. Each pair is handmade with the utmost care and attention to detail, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best quality possible.

Our khussa look great, but they’re also highly comfortable to wear. So whether you’re dancing the night away, these shoes can be worn for any occasion, from casual to formal wear.

It Could Be painful if it’s not the right choice.

Many times khussas are challenging to wear, walk in, and often uncomfortable. Walking in them could be a nightmare. You either fall or skip awkwardly because it’s challenging to keep your balance. You can never be graceful while wearing khussa, and they’re difficult to take off!

Shahmeer Khan offers the best khussa style for all occasions. They’re lightweight, easy-wear and easy-walk shoes that are available in a variety of colours and patterns. They’re also easy to put on and take off without damaging the nails of your toes!

The Finest Quality Khusas are Made exactly like your Sherwani.

When you choose Shahmeer khan as your prominent day designer, we authentically invest our love and brain to provide you with a custom made head to toe avatar. Our khussa is handmade footwear traditionally made by artisans, mainly using tanned leather. The uppers part of our khussa is made of one piece of leather or embroidered textile embellished with pearls or beads. Our Khussa’s leather is usually dyed in natural colours such as brown, black, white, beige, and red. Shahmeer khan makers use various stitching techniques to create beautiful patterns on the khussa to make it more unique. The most common stitching technique is the running stitch, which creates simple lines and geometric shapes. Other stitching techniques include the chain stitch, the herringbone stitch, and the buttonhole stitch. Khussa is often lined with soft fabrics such as silk or cotton to prevent chafing and provide extra warmth and beauty. We provide the most exquisite and authentic khussa in the sub-continent.

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