Everything You Need To Know About Sherwani Design

Sherwanis is a popular garment similar to Doublet or Achkan. Being the most popular outfit in South Asia, men’s sherwani is considered a symbol of dignity, power, and elegance. No wedding is complete without this suit. It is a common formal outfit usually worn at traditional wedding functions. The main difference one can observe between a sherwani and an achkan is the type of suiting fabric used in both dresses. Sherwani Wedding suits are made of heavier fabrics with a lining that is globally recognized as Pakistan’s National Dress called Shalwar Kameez.


History of Sherwani Suit

Traditionally, a sherwani is originated as a fusion of Shalwar Kameez with British frock and the coat. Muslims living in Northern Indian Subcontinent were associated with the Muslim aristocrats but, later Rajputs adopted this dress and made efforts to add richness and novelty. They felt a need to change the attire a bit and started wearing it over a Kurta and Churidar, Khara Pajama, and a Shalwar. Here, the notable point is, only Indian royals and noble kings espoused this attire in daily routine that surely showcased the prosperity and wealth through the decorative embellishment on the beautiful garment.

As time passes, this wedding attire got more popular in the rest of India, until the 18th century, this dress was opted by locals regardless of social class in various events. If we talk about the most prominent movements following the dressing type, several attendees, including teachers and students who worn this attire in the Aligarh Movement. Though Jawaharlal Nehru was mostly seen in Nehru Jacket Muhammad Ali Jinnah donned this outfit in multiple public appearances. Nehru also pulled down this dress less often but, it was an essential part of his suiting.

Sherwani Suit Nowadays

In recent times, sherwani is considered the most significant formal wedding dress. The long coat-like dress is paired with churidar, shalwar, or straight pants. Jodhpuri and fitted pants are also used as bottoms. A dhoti is also a unique piece of cloth that adds style and glamour. A shawl or scarf is also draped over the shoulder with this suit to give a complete look and accomplished the styling goals.

Why Sherwani on Weddings?

In different cultures, the groom must look traditional and classy at Barat. There is no better apparel than a sherwani to be a prominent figure on your wedding day. Even though men have tons of options to choose a wedding dress for themselves, but we suggest they must wear this dress on their special occasion to stand out and make a memorable wedding album.

To get an ethnic and royal look, grooms can choose white, off-white, red, or bright blue colors with heavy embroidery in different styles. Men’s traditional dresses in darker hues with zari or zardozi work weaved or sequined, prints or brocade, precious stones or globules look amazingly imperial and majestic for a wedding or some other festive occasions. Sherwanis for a groom with stoles has become an extraordinary style explanation nowadays. Including a took in a similar shading or differentiating shading would include an additional layer of advancement to your whole ethnic look.

There are several clothing brands available in the market, but some play an integral part in making the most popular wedding dresses for men. This attire can be ordered online. This ethnic attire is usually crafted with elegant thread, zari work, or embroidery. The golden, white, and black sherwani are worn at weddings. The classic outfit for grooms, Sherwanis with their inherent splendors never fails to transform a man into a handsome groom on his most special day. Not only gives you the best look but makes your bride skip a heartbeat as well.

Common Styles of Sherwani for Groom

A wedding in the subcontinent is incomplete without an ethnic wedding outfit. Originated from Delhi Sultanate, this attire has modified and now became popular in wedding events. A Sherwani is a long coat that is buttoned to the neck with the length below the knee. Generally, it is worn above the inner Kurta and Turbans. Made from heavy, supreme quality suiting fabric, it is paired with churidar, pajama, dhoti, or shalwar. Sherwani is one of the most dominant apparel wears on special formal occasions. This clothing symbolizes power and elegance, is not limited to weddings. It is a traditional outfit blend with eastern aesthetics and represents cultural ethos. Therefore, embellished with jewels, they are the most common outfit for men for their weddings.

Sherwani Designs

The understanding of designs is vital and the basis for stitching a new sherwani. There are unique designs available in the market that can be customized and bespoke as per the needs of the grooms. Thus, a groom needs to choose the best design that suits him.

  • Achkan Sherwani

To get an elite look at the wedding, the most popular design for the wedding dress is Achkan Sherwani that gives you the finest fashion. It is like the British Frock or Plish Zupan and has long sleeves with buttons at the front-middle, is universal yet magnificent, can be paired with churidars. It had a long coat with the knee-length, but a little shorter than the normal length without any flare from the waist. Traditionally, it had a one-sided closure with strings called ‘Baghal Bandi’. Nowadays, it has a close-banned collar called ‘Bandhgala’ often a tightly fitted style that keeps it prominent and different from another style. Since ancient times, this wedding suite has been classy and rich.

Nowadays, as formal attires, Achkan was used to put on as coats but now they are ensembled as a single dress. It is usually embroidered heavily on lighter fabrics, but plain and simple patterns are also liked by the grooms and guests. Such traditional and embellishments make this an ethnic outfit for the groom. Thus, this style is a smart choice to achieve the perfect dapper look that will attract the audience.

Jackets, dhotis, pajamas, and churidars can make your style statement if carried with the Achkan Sherwani. Men with tall and muscular body shape with straight-cut style look outstanding. Those who are blessed with a good physique can create their wedding suit in lighter fabrics, such as brocade and solid plain colors embellished with threads and sequins.

  • Angrakha Sherwani

The most popular style is Angrakha Sherwani, an elegant attire popularly worn by the grooms. Traditionally, it was used to tie on one of the two ends called overlapping sherwani. Such dress gives a perfect fit to the men who are blessed with a toned body shape. The fashion designers and stylists claim that this attire holds a magical aura that seems like a celestial dress specially made for the grooms. Without using wedding accessories, this wedding outfit can pull down using no extra groom accessories. This protective cloak comes in heavy embroidery or mirror work on cuffs, neckline, sleeves, chest, and gives an enriching look. It can pull off with almost all styles of bottoms and pairs of juttis.

Because of its increased demand, this sherwani for grooms needs to be selected based on your preferences that not only will showcase the formality but your character. This most common style features a heavy embroidery front paired with a turban, churidar, and a pair of khussas that can impress you with the ensembles. A little style and sophistication should be matched with the comfort and good to feel that will let you shine at the wedding and impress everyone.

  • Chipkan Style Sherwani

This style is an accurate representation of the Mughal Era, features a small vest-like jacket and a contrast churidar with accessories. Mughals were inspired by Islamic Calligraphy, and they were the patron of arts. However, this style is derived from Mughal’s wardrobe. It is an accurate representation of royalty, regalness, and grandeur.

As a grooming accessory, a sword is usually held with an embellished Chipkan Sherwani to give a compliment to the look. Before finalizing your wedding suit discuss your preferences with the bride-to-be and make sure that she is not wearing a modern lehenga, otherwise you will look worlds apart. If you want to carry the magnificent and glamorous look, then carry this attire confidently.

  • Pakistani Sherwani for Men Wedding

Sherwani is not limited to Indian weddings but is widely liked by Pakistani, Malaysian, Indonesian, Turkish, and Bengali men. The massively popular is Pakistani Sherwani. Since Muhammad Ali Jinnah showed off his style in black plain hue, buttons down with the entire length along with the white shalwar in his public appearance especially in his official visits, it became the most loved dress by men on the special events, formal gatherings, dinner parties, weddings and wedding functions.

This attire makes you a prince charm at all Pakistani wedding occasions such as Mehendi, Haldi, Reception, Sangeet, and all those weddings function that is expected to be well-dressed in Pakistani Sherwani. The embellishments, the colors, and the embroidery helped this style to secure the rank of ‘favorite’ in grooms. Refrain from picking modern and trendy bottoms, choose a churidar pajama instead.

It is usually customized according to the body measurements of the groom. The features are a knee-length heavily embroidered coat along with the contrast of churidars.

  • Jodhpuri Sherwani

The most elegant, attractive, and suave garment for wedding events, parties, and other formal yet traditional is Jodhpuri Sherwani. It is also called the Jodhpuri suit, or Jodhpuri. This is an opulent suit. considering one of the contemporary weddings dresses for the groom.

Traditionally, it was specially designed for the Maharaja of Jodhpur, India, who wanted a dress that could represent the beautiful amalgamation of splendor and beauty of Indian designs along with the style and silhouette of the modern and smart western dress. In recent times, it has developed a lot of demand, because its mandarin heavily embroidered collar looks great with a contrast dhoti and some accessories. This attire comes in two-piece and three-piece options and can be opted for as required.

Typically, it features a thick cot-like garment along with a bandgala beneath there is a kurta that is usually invisible and matching trousers normally churidar.

Because of these alluring features, this seems a lovely addition to the men’s clothing line. When the royal wedding is round the corner, this Jodhpuri style provides a refined and marvelous look. Because of its expensiveness, this style is usually made-to-order while indicating customizing your jackets, cufflinks, stoles, embroidery, color, etc.

  • Jacket Style Sherwani

The exotic Jacket Sherwani is also known as Jacket Style Sherwani. This most contemporary style is well paired with pants and churidars. Beneath the jacket, there is a long shirt, usually of the same color. This is made for men to either be completely opened from the front that may have some buttons along with the long kurta to get a princely appearance. This style also represents modernity and trend altogether in one dress. It is usually styled with churidar bottoms and a matching pair of juttis.

Jacket Style Sherwani is well-suited for those who love to carry their gentlemanly style. The classic fabric and supreme quality material such as Jamawar, Banarsi, and Tusser loaded with embellishments such as a motif, sequins, gold, or silver finish give an antique look to the wearer.

  • Anarkali Style Sherwani

Anarkali style is inspired by Anarkali Frock, specially designed to discover the real sultan in men. This dress features a kurta extended with flair or a frock paired with a tight-fit jacket along with a matching churidar. This dress is made with plain fabric, textured fabric, and floral fabrics ideally put on at Mehendi and Barat functions. After a long time, this attire is again in fashion after celebs have worn it in movies. This trendy and voguish attire brings out the best. The most important thing is, it can give you a twirling portrait with your beautiful bride. It will allow the grooms to set the awe-inspiring look at your big day.

  • Indo-western Sherwani

    The most popular contemporary and ethnic sherwani style is Indo-western. The creation of this wedding dress carried the wave of change and modernity in the men’s clothing line. It is a beautiful fusion of South Asian and western fashion. Not only showcases the modern and trendy look, but it also preserves the traditional and local avatar. From formal to informal and everything in between, this style is high in demand. This attire features the short length of the coat and gives the modern look, ideal for all occasions. With the minimal embroidery, the coat looks different from other heavily embroidered coats. It has traditional Kurta and Churidar but carries a style and design that is up-to-the-minute and stylish.

    The design, sleeves and short length, and neckline distinguish it from the other styles. Indo-western style is modern yet trendy, giving a balanced look. The contrasting shades, embellishments, and hues will let you become a trendsetter. It allows the groom to ditch the boredom of traditional clothing while adding a modern touch you might set your heart on. The designs of this attire are wreathed with gems, stones, beads, motifs, and buttons that carry the royal style. To complete the look, slide into the stylish bottoms.

    The grooms and guests both like this style and prefer to customize it with original cuts to make sherwani genuinely beautiful and attractive. These include the following.

      • Long-tail
      • Side tail
      • Fish cut
      • Angled cut (Side Closure)

    The most important features of this attire are its accessibility and versatility. Men of any age, color, and body type can look astonishing in this style of sherwani.

  • Printed Modern Sherwani

    Globalization and modernization have also affected men’s clothing patterns. Apart from eastern and western fusions, the sherwani has also come with the printed effects. Unique patterns, styles, artworks, designs, and materials are used to make this style superb for the groom.

    The flairs at the length add charm and intensify the appearance when embellished with chains, cufflinks, and pins. This modern variant successfully achieves the classy look when paired with shalwar pants, both with heavy embroidery and plain patterns. Get picture-perfect styles by wearing this flawless dress at the wedding

How to Select the Perfect Sherwani?

Menswear has been through innovation and development for ages. Men, especially grooms, are agreed to experiment with casual and formal wedding fashions. Contemporary man has become style conscious and showing dissatisfaction with the old-styled dresses. They feel contented while experimenting with the new options and pull off cordial looks on special occasions.

Since this attire has always been the utmost choice of the grooms, the designers and the shopping crew try to make a fusion with the classical and newest styles for the groom. This is not limited to weddings; it can fill many festive occasions with colors. Usually, grooms, brides, and all those who shop for this dress find difficulty in getting the best for men. The market is full of options and it can easily confuse the customers. A perfect outfit can be selected while following the guidelines.


When sherwani suits reached the Indian subcontinent and became super common among the locals, they held a place of formal attire that can be worn, especially at wedding events. The regal and royal feel that comes while wearing a traditional dress can only be achieved by the comfort of the fabric. The fabric plays an important role in manufacturing and makes this dress outclass. Ranging from high to low quality, a vast range of materials is found in the market. From cotton to lavish velvet, this coat-like dress is manufactured in multiple fabrics, but silk is the first-class fabric that highly impresses the wearer. It can help to achieve the imperial and definitive look with minimum effort. But ensure that the groom has well-coordinated with the bride’s lehnga to reduce mistakes.


No surprise that the ill-fitted wedding suit can embarrass the groom and ruin the big day of both the groom and bride. The wrong fit can ruin your look and let you feel uncomfortable. To maximize such errors of ill-fitting, the groom must try multiple fits before selecting one for himself. If you have a huge or bigger body type, then choose a simple silhouette and if you have a slimmer body, then opt for the padded shoulders. 


Color is an extremely important factor in ethnic wear. The experiment can improve your life and more meaningful. Nowadays, the popular choice of menswear in colors is white, beige, and black. Vivid and vibrant colors along with pastel shades such as yellow, ivory, and light green making their place in the market as these colors are great in demand. However, if grooms are not supposed to get a bold avatar, then there is no harm in adopting a darker shade such as black or maroon wedding suit. Be aware of the fact that your dress color complements your beautiful bride’s stunning outfit.

Sherwani lies in the category of ethnic clothing and alternative of any dress at the wedding and traditional events. Multiple ways to carry the colors in for men.

 Dark Colors

Dark colors are highly preferred nowadays. The beige/gold and white tones never go outdated but maroon wedding dresses are more in demand. Dark colors give the highest and brighter look to the wearer, especially the groom. Generally, dark colors look better in Winter and Autumn Seasons. If such colors are worn during the Summer or Summer Season, they absorb more light during the photoshoot and cause discomfort as well.

Light Colors

Light and pastel colors have always been my favorite for weddings. They never go outdated. Most weddings are full of white, gold, peach with the lighter shades ever. Today, people are tending to choose light colors less often during colder months because pastel and light colors give a cooler appearance. However, the style and cuts rely on the colors you would choose for yourself. In the last few years, pastel colors have been preferred to dark colors.

Winter Weddings

The darker colors, along with an embellished wedding suit paired with matching pajamas, can give you a cozy and warm feel at multiple wedding ceremonies. Groom accessories such as pearl jewelry, pocket squares, and contrasting pair of shoes add elegance and perfectness to the look.

Groomsmen and Guests

The dress of groomsmen and guests is equally important in the wedding. The groom’s family and friends can choose colors that match well with the groom’s wedding avatar. If the groom has planned to wear the golden and red hue, friends and groomsmen can wear kurta or gold and white wedding dresses.

Kids Sherwani

Kids are future grooms and they are equally important in a wedding. The kids can also get the latest sherwani, especially the Bollywood celebrity style. Monochromatic and black suit filled with a lot of embroidery and glitter, along with a turban, to achieve a traditional styling.


Embroidery adds glam and fun to your simple wedding suit. Grooms can ditch the plain and boring and replace it with some enticing patterns. Hand embroidery and machine embroidery both works perfectly for the sherwani. With the options of heavy and light embroidery, grooms can choose gorgeous and trendy designs.

Those who don’t like heavy embroidery motifs can choose some delicate patterns of Resham. However, for adventurous and royal effects, go for the intricate work of Zardozi, Cora Dabki, Stonework, and other glittery work. Select that gives a flawless look while expressing your style.


If thread work or other types of work isn’t something grooms want to present themselves in, then print sherwanis are made for you. A plethora of options are available in the market for those who want to grab a printed suit for a flawless look. Block prints and abstracts designed with a touch of traditional motifs play an essential role to attain an awe-some look. Both the large and smaller print designs are used according to the body types—bigger builds should avoid large prints and slimmer men should avoid smaller designs.

These tips can redefine the shopping experience and make your life easy and enjoyable.

Points to Ponder

A sherwani is a delicate dress that requires special attention and never allows the wearer to make mistakes, a slight error can waste your efforts and money. Usually, men get confused because of the variety of options available in the market. While wearing this ethnic suit, keep the following highly recommended points by experts in your mind.

    • Turbans Need Attention

Turban usually known as Kulha is an important accessory to the completion of the groom’s look. The turbans must not be heavily embroidered or bejeweled. Similarly, simple turbans are not trending much this season. However, grooms should put on plain turban then ornament it with big sole jewels such as emerald on it. It provides a classic appearance. One important thing to keep in mind that not all turbans can suit you well. So, try different fits that suit you well.

    • Do Not Over Look Accessories

Accessories play a dynamic role to raise the standards of your simple wedding dress. Wedding accessories are not limited to women and lehengas only. A vast array of options such as finger rings, brooches, cufflinks, swards, and many more. These accessories comfort the eyes with their shiny quality, but a little shine won’t hurt you.

    • Play With Colors

Step out from your comfort zone and choose the color that suits you the best. Pakistani and Indian weddings have many functions to be celebrated for both the grooms and the guests. Skip making all dresses of your favorite color and their shades in the event. Grooms can try the lemon yellow, red hot, emerald green, vibrant blue, charismatic orange, cool peach, that you think aren’t masculine.

    • Try Patterns

Simple and plain wedding dresses are so old-fashioned now. Get out of the sanctuary and opt for motifs and floral design made of thread work, Cora dabki, resham, zari, and also the beads and buttons.

    • Perfect Fit Is A Choice

The sheer embarrassing moment for a man is to wear an ill-fitted dress at the wedding. Avoid making mistakes and last-minute trips to the designer or tailor. Preferably give your accurate measurement for stitching. If you have put on some extra pounds or shed some weight, then try a fit well before time to prevent alternation that results in a malfunction that happens usually at the eleventh hour.

    • Comfy Footwear

Shoes represent your overall personality and selecting a seamless pair of footwear is a tiring and hectic job. The purpose is not just to look beautiful but comfortable throughout the day. Grooms can pick formal shoes for all wedding functions. It is recommended that for sangeet, engagement, and cocktail party wear formal shoes, whereas for Haldi and mehndi wear sneakers.

    • Well Synchronized

It is good to match and coordinate the colors with the bride’s beautiful lehenga. Avoid wearing colors that clash with her dress and make her look odd on a nuptial day. Always choose such colors that help you make a picture-perfect look.

    • Styling Plays A Role

Not just the dress, but styling also matters you make the groom the super dashing. Better to take advice from a professional stylist. If you can’t make them understand your requirements, then let the stylist make your styling.

    • Groom Yourself Well Before Time

Grooming well before time is very important. Get inspiration from your bride’s visits to the parlor and get an appointment with your stylist in advance. Set your beard and do not let itself magically get settled over time. At least three weeks before the wedding, get yourself shaved, NS eyebrows, and haircut done before the wedding.

    • Get Help of Cosmetics

Cosmetics and makeup are not made for females only. Men are allowed to do some beauty hacks and can also take benefits of those fancy and expensive foundations and concealers. Take help from any professional makeup artist on the wedding day. Avoid doing it on your own. Otherwise, you might overdo that. Get in the wedding hall by wearing exquisite sherwani.

Useful Tips

Choosing a perfect wedding attire is a hectic job and it is logical and understandable. Following are a few things that will help you to manage your wedding dress.

Make A Plan Before Time

Grooms desire to have a hassle-free and error-free wedding. Last-minute changes and alterations can disturb your mental peace. Usually, men procrastinate things and call trouble due to their laziness. However, it is advised to come up with a plan and collect necessary information related to sherwanis such as design, style, and color that are in trend. When your dress is ready, go for a trial with your designer, be confident it is perfectly fit for you. Do not stop here. Before two weeks of the wedding, wear it again and check your measurements. You might have lost or put on weight due to pre-wedding stress however, get necessary alterations in time. Again, wear a complete suit five days before the wedding and ensure that all details are unchanged.

Traditional Yet Trendy

Traditional attire is elegant, classic, and opulent. The fabric plays an important role in adding a royal and regal touch to the wedding dress. Take advice from a female especially a mother, sister, cousin, friends, etc. because they are blessed with the truly real aesthetic sense compared to men. Do not avoid the quench of looking like a power couple at the wedding. Avoid selecting overboard and luxurious attire that can affect your appearance and the bride’s look. Opt for colors and styles according to the season and enduring fashion.

Comfort Is Everything

It is a common myth that fashion doesn’t come with comfort. People fight shy of comfort while searching for a perfect fit. Well-fitted attire gives you confidence and makes you look powerful on the wedding day. Asian weddings are about dances and bhangras, so it is suggested to get a dress that isn’t too tight or loose to avoid the embarrassment of tearing or pulling or any other malfunctioning.

Unique Ideas To Make Your Wedding Memorable During Lockdown

The unusual period of life is extending since the global pandemic has seized the world. People experienced the world’s largest and longest lockdown, learned to cope with the stress and deal with the uncertainty. Although, people did lockdown weddings with fewer guests, virtual weddings, and a lot of different ways that we cannot even imagine before 2019. However, people want to make their lockdown wedding memorable for themselves and the people who are invited. Following are some ways people can make their wedding incredible.

  1. Cupboard Guests

We want our close relatives and friends to attend the most important day of our lives. But due to travel restrictions that are imposed because there are chances of getting infected from the gathering doesn’t allow people to attend the wedding. So, it is advised to cut life-sized cut-outs to make your parents and favorite guests at the wedding. Such cupboards will not give a genuine sense of them being there at your D-day but also allow you to get a picture-perfect environment. This idea sounds very emotional and unreal, but it will surely mean something extraordinary for a few people.

  1. Live-Streaming

Just remember the live-streaming events of our lives. Let’s remember a few, music concerts, opening and closing ceremonies, sports, news, etc. People can lie down on their favorite sofa or bed and connect themselves to the thousand miles away and enjoy at a maximum making no efforts. Similarly, weddings can also be live-streamed and bring people together in the most convenient way. At a wedding, we expect to see each other, so it is better to use the latest apps that help you get connected via video calls to share affection, love, and send prayers to the couple. It also helps people to decrease their feelings of loneliness and isolation during quarantine. Well! Live-streaming of the wedding is a perfect idea.

A Perfect Attire In A Lockdown Wedding For Grooms

A Sherwani is an integral attire for the groom. Without this, a groom’s look cannot be achieved at Asian weddings. The cuts, style, stitch, and perfection make it the most popular choice for lockdown weddings. Usually, the coat-like dress is made of printing or handmade embroideries such as zari, stone, Dori, beadwork, Resham, and Cora dabki on high-quality fabric such as silk, cotton, brocade, velvet, satin, and jamawar. So, browse the internet and select the suitable sherwani to get the premature delivery at your doorstep.

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