African Wedding Attire by Shameel Khan

Every culture has its wedding traditions and dress code. Some of the most interesting of these come from Africa, due to the many different cultures found throughout the region. However, men wearing a suit make him look elegant and stylish. It is probably the man’s greatest apparel worn on specific events like wedding, burial, feast day, thanksgiving, and others.

Dashiki wedding suits for the groom are versatile, mesmerizing, and beautiful than the white, Western-world marriage clothing. One of our most loved components in the African culture? The garments, design, and style particularly the ravishing outfits spotted at African weddings.

African Wedding and their norm

Africans have their style and fabric in which they look comfortable. The preference to wear some different styles and bright colors. The whole world cherishes the African style and bright shades that include an extraordinary and amazing aura of conventional wedding clothing in an African style.

In Africa, every tribe has its wearing style.  In the entire world black suit is the favorite of many men. In American or Europe people have put on black color on their big day. On the contrary, Africans were a black color suit at their funeral. They associate a black color to wear on the mourning.

How should I dress on African wedding?

It is such a herculean task to find such a beautiful dress for your wedding but you have to no worry about it we can tell you the appropriate dress that will help you that will Definitely help you to find a good dress for the wedding.

2 Piece Dashiki Suit Less formal – African Wedding Suits

It is just like normal two-piece suit consist of jacket and trousers. But you can wear a simple blazer on a casual dress. Accessories can be worn with a bright bow tie or simple tie with bright color. The recommended color for the suit is a grey suit with a white shirt. It is such an awesome combination you can wear it without any hesitation. Obviously, it is ideal for any hair color and skin tone.

The morning coat or lounge suit (Traditional Dashiki Suit)

The morning coat is a traditional suit. The suit adjusted at the waist, long rounded open front, worn with a jacket, pants, and with a vest. This traditional dress is now worn only in official ceremonies and some social events. It closes with a single button and has a slit in the back with two buttons.  This outfit is accessorized with a collar, an ascot or lavaliere, and a top hat. If you choose the jacket, make sure to respect all the codes of this outfit and to get advice from a specialist.

The tailcoat (Ceremonial Suit)

The tailcoat suit is the best and most favorite African Wedding Suits among African men. He recognizes himself thanks to his form. That is to say a short jacket on the front and long behind that goes down to the knees forming a V or a rounded shape. You must opt for a bow tie or scarf because the tie is strictly prohibited.

What are the mistakes to avoid with a African suit?

You must know about when you customized your wedding suit. Choose the cut according to your size. Buy such a suit that matches your complexion. A suit must favor a well-trimmed suit, adjusted to your morphology. It neither too wide nor too short. A good height in the pants is preferred. Make sure that the pants fall well at the back of the shoe. Enhance your outfit with accessories. Without overloading your outfit, you can accessorize your outfit with a clutch, buttonhole, cufflinks, flower combos, or a nice watch.